Five Ways You Can Support Someone With Depression

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are now shorter and colder, and all around the world, second lockdowns have begun as second (or even third) waves of COVID hit different areas, so I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of ways to support someone in your life who may be experiencing depression. INCOMING DISCLAIMER…

I am NOT a mental health professional and I cannot provide anyone with mental health support (especially when I can barely keep my own shit together) but I do have a platform and I can share my own experiences as someone diagnosed on the OCD Spectrum, ADHD spectrum, with generalized anxiety, mild depression, excoriation disorder, and chronic migraines. This list was curated by taking information I learned from my own doctors and therapists, as well as answers from a community ask that I put out on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago.

  1. REACH OUT AND CHECK IN: Instead of texting, “how are you”, try “how are you feeling”, or “how is your heart/mind/spirit”, or “sending you love”, without expecting or pushing for an immediate response or offering your unsolicited advice. You can also help them feel included (but not pressured) by extending loose and open invitations to social gatherings (online or outdoors for now, of course) without guilt-tripping them if they don’t show up. Keeping things low key is key.

I hope that sharing comprehensive list will provide some insight and perhaps help you feel less alone in supporting your loved ones through these difficult times. Stay safe and healthy out (or very much inside) there!

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